Tip for mopping from a mom who hates cleaning.

This is not a paid ad but I felt compelled to share my review of the O-Cedar mop. First of all a little back story. I have 4 kids. A 2 yr old who loves to eat BUT not in her high chair. A 8 and 11 yr old boys and well, boys are gross. A 16 yr old daughter who can’t be bothered to take her shoes off, a husband who works a ton and last but not least a dog.

Raise your hand if you like to clean.

I hate cleaning…like loathe it but especially mopping. Guess what though, when you’re a busy mom on a budget you sometimes gotta clean. Dirt, crumbs, sticky stuff and other things that are on the floor add up over time.

I used to use the wet mop cleaning pads but they never got my floor clean, they always felt sticky and let’s not get into the fragrance issue. By the way, if you haven’t watched Stink yet on Netflix…stop what you’re doing and go watch it. It will forever change what products you bring into your house.

The perfect mopping solution!

In came the O’Cedar spin mop. As I was perusing the aisle at Walmart, I came across this big box in the mop aisle. It intrigued me. One reason I hated the old fashioned mops is that I could never wring them out enough so my floor was always wet. The swiffer mop left my floors feeling sticky.

Enjoy a fast and fun floor cleaning experience with our #1 Spin Mop*, which features hands -free wringing thanks to our foot pedal spin mop design.

O’Cedar website
The 8 yr old mopping with the O’Cedar Spin mop

Why I love this mop so much is not only is it super simple to use, it wrings out all the excess water, the handle telescopes, the mop head is washable but best of all you can use your own floor cleaner. Since watching Stink I have been slowly ditching and switching out products with “fragrance” and using all natural products such as my beloved thieves household cleaner. A capful of thieves household cleaner and about 10-15 drops of Pine oil you can mop your whole house.

O'Cedar spin mop, thieves household cleaner, pine oil
O-Cedar spin mop, thieves household cleaner and pine oil. Smells better than pine-sol.

How do you mop? Give this mop a try and let me know what you think. If you would like a sample of my Thieves Household Cleaner drop me a comment below and I can send that out to you.

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